Safe, Relief, Delicious.

Tempura IDUMO values “the power of food”.
Thoroughly sticking to the ingredients, we use seasonal ingredients selected directly from the production area.
We always get water from the Shirakawa water source, one of the top 100 famous waters in Japan, and wrap the ingredients in clothes made from powder with low protein content. Original oil blended with several kinds of oils, mainly white sesame oil, provides a surprisingly light and light tempura.




We use it for all the “water” that we provide and provide clean spring water from Aso's power spot “Shirakawa Suigen”.
Shirakawa Water Source is located in Minami Aso Village, located in the southern part of Mt. Aso Caldera. It is an area that conveys the nostalgic scenery of mountains and villages, followed by gentle mountain ridges. Located at the end of Aso Shrine, "Shirakawa Yoshimi Shrine", the vigorous flow from the springs welcomes you as you pass through the torii.
The amount of water that springs in the precincts is said to be 60 tons per minute, and you can't help but keep an eye out for its transparency and richness.
It is registered as one of the top 100 famous waters of the Environment Agency because of its excellent water quality, and is famous as a power spot where sacred water springs away from longevity and various diseases.
“Minami Aso Village” has also been selected as “The Village where Water is Born” by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.





Pure water that springs up at the foot of Mt. Aso. Fresh oil. Numerous carefully selected ingredients. Tempura Izumo pays deep respect to all the ingredients it uses and its land and producers, and is willing to make every effort to maximize its power. In addition, based on the idea that the use of ingredients is "to have life", we are thorough secondary and tertiary use of ingredients.


天麩羅いづもは、オープン以来、上記のポリシーの元にゆっくり歩みを進めて参りました。 大変ありがたいことに、SNSなどの口コミなどの影響もあり多くのお客様よりご評価をいただく機会も増えてきました。 しかしながら、天麩羅いづもの取り組みはまだまだ道半ば。これからも、一品一品がお客様の心に響き続けるように。日々、たゆまぬ努力を続けて参ります。

To all our visitors coming to TEMPURA IDUMO

Since its opening, Tempura IDUMO has been moving slowly under the above policy. Thank you very much, the influence of word-of-mouth such as SNS has also increased the chances of being evaluated by many customers. However, Tempura IDUMO's efforts are still halfway. From now on so that each product will continue to resonate with customers. I will continue my daily efforts.

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